Are You Old: Here Japanese Mask That Will “Erase” Years Off Your Face!

To keep your skin in idealize condition and dodge untimely skin maturing attempt this cover Japanese ladies utilized frequently. It is rich in Vitamin B, which advance the development and repair of cells, back off their maturing and enhance the supply of blood to the skin– all that you require for an amazing look of the face.

This cover from rice, drain, and nectar will give you a moment comes about, making your skin delicate, light and smooth.


  • Cook 2-3 tbsp. of rice until it`s delicate.
  • Strain the cooked rice, and set the remaining water aside, in a perfect bowl.
  • Wash the cooked rice and include 1 tbsp. of the warm drain. Mix the blend well, include 1 tbsp. of nectar, at that point mix some more.
  • Apply a thin layer of the blend on cleaned face and neck and abandon it for 30 minutes.
  • After that, expel the veil and wash the neck and face with the remaining rice water.

You will gather every one of the advantages from the rice itself, and in addition the rice water. Rice water contains numerous cell reinforcements, it will hydrate your skin and it has unimaginable powers in engrossing bright beams.

In the event that you were left with more rice water than required, you can store it in the cooler for 4 days and utilize it as a face moisturizer. Intriguing recommendation: make ice 3D shapes from the rice water and utilize them to knead the face, it`s ideal for refreshment in the hot summer days and it will hydrate you skin and make it gentler.

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